In Their Own Words: Quotes from Scholars

unnamed-1“NJSP taught me to think, and it also taught me how it is not all about me!”

“I didn’t have to worry about tests or memorization, but rather the actual process of thinking.  The teaching style – the teachers’ encouraging students’ questions – made me question everything I’ve ever believed.”

“I’ve learned to question EVERYTHING in a good way. . . I know this program was one of the best things to ever happen to me.”

“The “no grade” policy, however ironic, is an impetus for success.”unnamed-4

“I grew as a learner because I now challenge myself and my beliefs.  I think about my logic and value the process of thinking in addition to the answer I derived.”

“I learned to learn at NJSP.”

“This program helped me learn to think outside the box and realize that every problem has multiple solutions.  It helped me think critically in ways I never imagined.”

“The most important benefit was the rekindling of my love of learning.”

An Academic Experience Like No Other!

“My NJSP experience taught me not to be afraid to voice my opinions.”

“I became a better listener and was captivated by what other Scholars had to say.”

“My speaking skills have improved and I will be able to present my ideas in a much clearer fashion.”
“The teachers were absolutely amazing.  Their knowledge, expertise and eloquence truly made this an eye-opening experience.”

“I’ve always been a math/science person so NJSP was definitely a leap outside of my comfort zone.”

“The reading and amount of work forced me to manage my time and priorities.  Lectures helped me focus on note-taking.”

“As cheesy and clichéd as this may sound, NJSP has changed my life.”

 Aisha and Fig